The Lancet Laboratories cytogenetics unit was established in 1991 and to date, has successfully processed over 37000 amniotic fluid samples and more than 29 000 peripheral blood samples. A comprehensive diagnostic service is offered with chromosome studies being carried out on peripheral bloods, chorionic villus samples, amniotic fluid samples, products of conception and skin biopsies. Amniocentesis bottles, cytogenetics request pads and patient information brochures can be ordered from the unit. The unit was set up by Dr Jennifer Rosendorff, who continues to head the operation. The laboratory is staffed by well qualified, highly experienced medical technologists and scientists. Dr Rosendorff and Dr Karen Milstein, a clinical geneticist, are available for consultation and to counsel patients. The Cytogenetics laboratory is fully staffed on weekdays from 07h30 to 16h30.