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Lancet Lab Careers Learnerships and Internships

The Lancet Laboratories Group...

… offers a varied range of Lancet Lab careers opportunities within various disciplines, including phlebotomy, biomedical technology, human resources & training, finance and administration, marketing, customer relationship management, procurement, Quality Assurance & Control and information technology.


We believe each employee makes an important contribution to Lancet Laboratories with talents and expertise that are unique and valuable.

We offer learning opportunities to enrich the employee experience and attain Professional Development Points. Each year, in person and online, our employees expand their technical, business and leadership knowledge and skills through internal Lancet Laboratories courses and external Universities and Training Providers.

Our development programmes provide employees with the knowledge and skills they require to achieve their career goals. Some of our internal programmes are endorsed by the South African Board for People Practice.

We are committed to supporting skills development within South Africa. We support skills development through Phlebotomy Learnerships, internships and a bursary scheme.

We support the education of children of our lower income employees through the Lancet Education Fund.

Lancet Lab careers are REVOLUTIONALISING diagnostic pathology through digitalisation transformation and the adaption of sophisticated world-class technology. This strategically positions us to be the market leader in pathology services.

We remain at the forefront of diagnostic excellence, through offering the following technical training programmes:

  • Phlebotomy Learnerships
    • Prerequisite: Matric with Mathematics/Maths literacy, English and  Biology/Lifescience
    • Symbol D or higher
  • Biomedical Technology Internships
    • Prerequisite: National Diploma or BTECH in Biomedical Technology
    • Limited recruitment done annually
  • Leadership excellence is fundamental to the health and performance of Lancet Laboratories.
    • Through a combination of internal & external Management, Leadership and Executive Enhancement programmes,
    • We develop authentic leadership within the organisation.

Why A Career At Lancet Laboratories?

We aim for the best; therefore, we want the best. Come join us…. if YOU are the best!

Established over 60 years ago, Lancet Laboratories is one of South Africa’s original private pathology laboratories. Proudly holding years of specialist knowledge in the pathology industry, we can confidently say that “Lancet Laboratories is one of the leading pathology Laboratories in South Africa”.  We are committed to providing diagnostic excellence, by ensuring a world-class service of the highest quality, accuracy and reliability.

#LancetLabCares – We care about our patients, our employees, our communities, our country and the difference we make to the world as specialist healthcare providers.

Our Company Culture

Our culture is entrenched in our values:

 – Respect

 – Integrity

 – Accountability

 – Quality Standards

Talent Management

Our Talent Management programme is designed to identify and develop staff who have potential to grow into more senior or complex roles.

Individualized development plans are created for our talent candidates. Many receive the opportunity to study further through Universities and attend highly acclaimed short courses.

Some of these short courses include:

  • LabVine Laboratory Management Programme
  • LabVine Power of Process Programme
  • LabVine Seasonal School

A word from our HR executive: Dr Tshego Moeletsi on Our People Strategy

Our Talent acquisition and training and Development programmes are geared to source and develop staff that think creatively and provide innovative solutions to the business, while leveraging technology to the fullest.

The Practice is committed to a high standard of ethics. Our employee wellbeing is priority to us, This can be seen through the EWP programmes, financial training and worker health plan, which is fully funded by the company.


At Lancet Laboratories, we understand the valuable contribution that every employee makes to the chain, therefore developing and investing in our employees at every level of the business is crucial to our sustainability. We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, that empowers our employees to be innovative in their field of expertise.

We invite you to experience the unique opportunity to develop your skills and enhance your knowledge by working alongside some of the most specialised, experienced and passionate professionals in the healthcare environment.

Lancet Labs Careers

Our HR, Training & Development functions

are ISO 9001: 2015 accredited!

Talent Acquisition Process

At Lancet Laboratories we recognise that results are achieved through attracting, developing and retaining the best people. We support the attainment of equal opportunity progress, and believe that people are the spirit to us accomplishing our strategic goals. Our people MUST be exceptionally gifted and passionate people to maintain and enhance our high standards. Explore the opportunities that are currently available at Lancet Laboratories by registering yourself on our career portal. To evaluate candidate fit, readiness and potential, we utilise competency-based interviews, and for supervisory and leadership positions you will be invited to attend a pre-employment assessment through SHL. This is a science-backed assessment that provides an indication of your ability and suitability for the role. On completion of your interview background screening and vetting maybe be carried out through an accredited institute – Managed Integrity Evaluation (MIE). These include checks such as references, criminal checks and qualifications. Depending on the inherent job requirements other additional checks could be requested. At each stage of the interview process, you will be kept informed and updated. Goodluck…your success is our success.

Lancet Lab Careers - our success stories

From entering into Lancet Lab, to working harder and aspiring to become the best version of himself through the Lancet Lab Careers opportunities, he’s now studying towards his MBA – Meet Mr Mahlangu.

Lancet Lab Careers - our success stories

Mahendree Karim

Regional Technical Manager-Johannesburg North Region

Started a journey with Lancet Lab as a Junior Tech in 2006, through training and development, then got promoted to unit management Lab manager in 2008. Lancet Lab encouraged and gave the opportunity to explore different passions such as QA and QC.  Personal drive and ambition attributed to my career.


We partner with Universities and offer bursaries to successful candidates from the second year of the BHSc: Medical Laboratory Science degree. These candidates go on to complete their internship with Lancet Laboratories.

Talent Management

Our Talent Management programme is designed to identify and develop staff who have potential to grow into more senior or complex roles. Individualized development plans are created for our talent candidates. Many receive the opportunity to study further through Universities and attend highly acclaimed short courses.

Staff Benefits

A competitive salary that is related to your qualification and experience. Leave accrual that is the more favourable than stipulated in BCEA. Subsidised medical aid contributions for the principal member to a capped amount. Free health care plan with universal workplace health plan for all employees falling within a specified salary threshold. Provident fund contributions that are flexible and chosen by the employee to suit their needs and budget. FNB pension backed housing loan Group risk life plan which includes: Death, disability and severe illness benefit, Global education protector, Funeral cover for employees and their dependants. Long service benefits that increase as you reach different milestones with Lancet Laboratories. Employee wellness programme that offers: free counselling services to all staff and their immediate family members, financial intelligence training services, wellness advice and coaching.

Join Our Team

If you strive for excellence and want to make a positive contribution to people’s lives, act with responsibility and aim to excel in the pathology industry, then we’d like to hear from you!

You can create an online profile, view and apply for current vacancies on our careers portal. If you feel that you are a suitable candidate for a position, please follow the application process. 

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