The Lancet Laboratories Publications Committee (LPC) was established in 2012 to review data and research requests from within the company as well as externally. The LPC is made up of 11 pathologists with research experience from various disciplines and locations within Lancet Laboratories and is chaired by Prof Eftyhia Vardas.

The purpose of the LPC is to promote quality, ethical, scientific and operational research to grow and enable the research skills of Lancet Laboratories employees and their collaborators to enable evidence based decisions and evolution in academic profile of the individuals involved. The Lancet Laboratories Publications Committee is not an ethics committee and if the LPC deems that the research requires an ethics committee approval, they will recommend a separate application to be submitted to an accredited human ethics committee before access to data is permitted. Limited research funding for additional laboratory tests, statistical analysis or publications fees is also available. Applications (LPC application for funding form) for funding will be evaluated on merit and the decisions of the LPC once made are final.

Individuals who would like to make use of Lancet Laboratories data must submit the following two forms to the LPC for approval (LPC Appendix 1) (Appendix 2). These forms are used to outline the project to the LPC who will review the study and grant permission for the data extraction. If the data is already in use by another individual the requestor will be informed. Data exclusivity is generally granted for 12 months. On completion of the project the completed report, presentation or publication must be submitted back to the LPC.

Completed applications forms must be submitted to


Clinical Virologist - LPC Chair

Dr M van Deventer
Managing Partner - Chemical Pathologist

Dr T Madliwa

Dr T Padayachi
Chemical Pathologist

Dr Y Pillay
Clinical Haematologist

Dr J Smit
Clinical Microbiologist

Dr V Tshisevhe
Clinical Microbiologist

Dr P Cole
Chemical Pathologist

Dr J Moolman
Clinical Microbiologist

Dr C Wallis

Dr J Wojno
Clinical Microbiologist