Accounts department

Payment methods made it easy…

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The Accounts Receivable (AR) Department is made up of the following sections:

  1. Billing
  2. Contact Centre (i.e. the Call Centre)
  3. Banking/Cash office
  4. Communications and Customer complaints
  5. Support

The AR department is responsible for billing, submission of claims to medical schemes/administrators and receipting of monies and allocation thereof for all accounts pertaining to services rendered to our patients.

Our main goal is to ensure that we have long-lasting relationships with our customers by ensuring that the billing is done accurately, all claims are submitted timeously to the medical aids and all monies are allocated to patients’ accounts as and when they are received. To this end we ensure that our staff are up-skilled by providing training on a continuous basis.

We measure our Customer satisfaction via quarterly Customer surveys and through various Consumer Complaints platforms, both internal and external.

Accounts Receivable is ISO9001 compliant and regulated by the HPCSA and NPG bodies.

Contact Us Today

    Your Lancet Laboratories account can be paid using EasyPay. Click here to go to the EasyPay website. Your EasyPay reference code is printed on the front of your Lancet Laboratories statement.

    Lancet Laboratories now offer easy payment of accounts through using Payfast. With our easy pay request buttons sent directly to you.

    Lancet Laboratories now offer easy payment of accounts through using snapscan codes that are added to our patient account statements.

    Your Lancet Laboratories account can be paid by credit card at the majority of our branches or by calling our call center on 011 358 0875 Monday to Friday 08:00 am to 17:00

    Banking Details

    Account Holder: Lancet Laboratories
    Bank: Nedbank Limited
    Branch: Business North Rand
    Branch Code: 146 905
    Account Number: 146 905 2997
    Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ
    IBAN: 146 905