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Welcome to the Lancet Lab Anticoagulation Clinic. Your doctor has prescribed your
Warfarin medication and has asked us to monitor your INR and adjust your Warfarin dosage according to your results.

Warfarin is a blood thinner which prevents clots from forming in your circulatory
Your doctor has decided what your INR range should be. The Lancet Lab
Haematologists and specialist Registered Nurses will adjust your dosage to keep
your INR within that range.

Blood Tests
Warfarin is a potentially dangerous drug which could cause bleeding (if over dosed) or clotting (if under dosed). In order to minimize the risks, regular monitoring is required. Lancet follows international dosage guidelines in the calculation of your dosage.
When to take your Warfarin
Please take your Warfarin at the same time every day, preferably in the evening an hour before your evening meal. If this is not a convenient time for you, please discuss the timing with the Clinic Staff. Provide
Dietary Advice
There are several foods which can also affect your INR while you are on Warfarin. -Citrus Fruits and Cranberry Juice -Spices and Herbs -
Holiday testing
You may find that your scheduled test dates fall on a day when you will be away from home. If you are travelling locally, you may visit any Lancet or other laboratory for your test and ask them to forward the result to the Lancet Anticoagulation Clinic by Fax to (011) 358 1352 or by e-mail to Please ensure that your MRI or ID number is included. We will then calculate the dosage. Please phone us for the result and dosage as normal.
Payment options
How to access results
You can download the Lancet Lab Mobile App to view and download a copy of your result on iStore, App Gallery or Play store.
Most Important points
1. Take your Warfarin as prescribed at the same time every day. DO NOT skip or adjust your dosage without advice from the Dosage Clinic. DO NOT miss your re-test date as this may be DANGEROUS. 2. If you experience any BLEEDING that cannot be stopped within 10 to 15 minutes, seek emergency medical assistance. Do the same if you see any blood in your stool or urine. 3. If you haven't heard from Lancet on the day of your test, it is your responsibility to call 011 358 0726 to get your results and dosage. 4. If you stop current medications, start any new medications or change the dosage of any medications, including herbal remedies/supplements, please advise the Clinic. DO NOT take any products that contain Aspirin unless they have been prescribed by your doctor. 5. Direct oral anticoagulants (such as Dabigatran (Pradaxa)/Rivaroxaban (Xeralto) are generally NOT prescribed with Warfarin. If you have been prescribed both, please speak to the Clinic or your doctor directly. 6. Diet Keep your diet consistent. Eat at least one portion of green vegetables every day, or the same portion size every day if you're used to more. Have no more than half an Avocado per week. If you eat liver, do not have green vegetables on that day. Limit citrus fruit/juices (including cranberry juice) to one portion daily. Limit Alcohol intake to two drinks per day.