According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993, it is the responsibility of the employer to create and maintain, as far as is reasonable, a work environment that is safe and without risk to the workforce.

Together, the employer and employee must work as a team to make the workplace a healthy and safe environment.

Lancet Laboratories recognises the need for and value of an Employee Wellbeing Programme. Lancet’s Corporate Wellness services can support companies address a range of employee health issues.

For more information on Lancet’s Corporate Wellness services, please contact a member of our team

Pathology tests and services currently available include:

Drugs of abuse testing

Drugs of abuse testing can be done using a rapid system (qualitative) or Tandem Mass Spectrometry for accurate quantitative analysis. Turnaround time will be linked to the specific method used ranging from one hour to seven days.

Alcohol abuse testing

Alcohol levels as well as the CDT (carbohydrate deficient transferrin) and gamma GT tests offered by Lancet assists with the diagnosis of chronic alcohol use and alcoholism.

HIV testing and counselling

Lancet Laboratories provides a comprehensive HIV testing programme including monitoring of HIV treatment, therapeutic drug monitoring and genotyping (resistance testing). Along with testing, we also offer pre and post-test counselling for:

  • Self-referral patients
  • Those whom have tested HIV positive without receiving counselling
  • Adherence to treatment

TB testing

Lancet Laboratories’ GeneXpert (Cepheid®, Xpert®MTB/RIF) rapid test, recently endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), provides patients throughout South Africa and Africa with an accurate and early diagnosis of TB within twenty four hours, compared to other testing methods that can take up to three months.

A TB questionnaire is available on request for establishing the need for testing.

Corporate wellness days

Employee wellness management is part of the four pillars of strength in the workplace and goes hand in hand with HIV and TB monitoring, biological monitoring and a comprehensive Health and Safety programme. Employee wellness initiatives, including corporate wellness days, can help to improve workplace morale and performance, and help to reduce absenteeism.

To ensure employees get the most out of their corporate wellness days, Lancet can provide the following pathology tests and health screening services to meet your company’s needs:

Onsite corporate wellness day testing

Lancet’s wellness day programme includes the following onsite tests and health-screening services. These services are offered to companies as follows:

Registered companies: (Active account for the past year)

In recognition of the company’s support and loyalty, one day free service per year on a first come first served basis, for one branch/site.The service will be offered to selected registered clients

The results of these tests are available to employees on the day of testing:

  • Finger prick fasting or random glucose
  • Finger prick cholesterol
  • Blood pressure

A minimum of 50 employees for wellness testing is required.

Non-registered companies:
Lancet Laboratories will offer a once off free service to non-registered companies, with a view to register the company as a client for laboratory testing

The onsite corporate wellness day service is offered to a maximum of 2 companies per month.

Lancet Laboratories reserves the right to decline a wellness day service.

Laboratory corporate wellness day testing

Lancet provides the following laboratory-based pathology tests and health-screening services. These tests are required to be processed in a laboratory, with results available to employees several days to a week following testing. Onsite phlebotomy for these tests and other services are available to companies on request.

A travel nurse fee may be applicable

  • TSH
  • PSA (men over 40)
  • Pap smear examinations

Health education and training conducted by one of our specialist pathologists – available free of charge on request

Getting to the heart of the matter - Cardiovascular Disease

One must consider all risk factors for cardiovascular disease when evaluating an individual`s cholesterol status. The more risk factors a person has, in combination with undesirable lipid levels, the greater the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Pathology tests and wellness services provided by Lancet assess for some of these risk factors including high blood pressure, increased body mass index (BMI), diabetes and high total cholesterol. If an employee’s total cholesterol is high, Lancet will recommend additional lipid testing to assess for high LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol (Lipogram).

Lancet can also provide a healthy eating plan to help employees reduce cholesterol and manage diabetes.

Lancet's online pathology report viewing system

Our pathology report viewing system, PathPortal, is a user friendly online programme that provides authorised personnel with quick access to employee results. Key features include:

  • Paperless system
  • Secure login validation from anywhere
  • No software installation is required – only an internet connection and JavaScript enabled browser
  • Inbox styled layout, with report status indicators
  • Search facilities
  • Group practice and multiple practice support

PDF format conversions (for printing and local copy storage)