MDS-Lancet Laboratories Ghana Limited is member of the Lancet Laboratories Group. Lancet Laboratories was founded over 60 years ago and operates in 11 African countries, including Ghana. Lancet Laboratories is an industry leader in Africa.

MDS-Lancet Laboratories Ghana Limited was founded with a view to bringing reliable laboratory medicine to the medical fraternity and people of Ghana in order that high quality medicine can be practiced in this country for the benefit of all.

MDS- Lancet became a member of the Lancet Group, in 2008 and has since then opened over 18 satellite laboratories and patient care centres across the country.

We operate in both the Public and Private Healthcare Environments and provide Specialist Medical Laboratory Services for; Hospitals, Clinicians, Corporate Groups, NGOs, Insurances, Educational Institutions, Research Teams, and Occupational Health Establishments.

MDS-Lancet aims to deliver the best patient care and maintain the highest standard of laboratory service, by adhering to international criteria set out to ISO Standard 15189:2012 to provide high quality results and excellent client experience.

Our Premier Services:

Mobile Phlebotomy – a service that allows patients to enjoy and experience our services in their privacy and convenience.

Lancet Mobile Application (for Doctors) – a software application that enables doctors view laboratory results on their mobile devices.

Monthly Medical Updates – a service that allows doctors to be updated with the latest information on various medical topics.

Electronic Reports – delivering of laboratory reports via email.

Courier Services –an effective delivery service that ensures safe and timely transportation of samples and reports to and from our laboratory.

Priority Service – a service that caters for patients with urgent and special needs including babies, physically challenged and the elderly population.


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